Newborn & Baby photography in Leeds

Welcome to True North Newborns

Before we start talking about Newborn Portraits, let’s tell you a bit about us.

Fiona is our newborn Photographer. She has been busy training over the past year to develop her photography skills and has recently attended one to one training with Award winning newborn and family photographer, Karen Whiltshire, where she was able to create the beautiful images on this page. Fiona is a trained primary school teacher and has been working with children of all ages for 15 years. 

Mark is an award winning Headshot, Portrait & Wedding photographer with over 25 years experience.  After shooting weddings successfully for many years and picking up a few awards along the way, we are expanding and shooting more portraits.  We’ve found the perfect studio space, so why not get in touch?

Newborn Photographer Leeds & Pontefract

We capture moments in time

As the parents of a wonderful daughter, who is growing like a weed, we can safely say that time whizzes by too fast.

Having beautiful images of your baby’s first days is a true gift.

To be able to look back at how tiny and squishy they were is priceless. 

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Newborn Photographer Leeds & pontefract

Enjoy The Experience…

Whether it’s your first, or you’ve done all of this before, bringing your new baby home can be a crazy time.  There’s so much to do and so much to get used to. Your newborn baby has probably turned your lives upside down, but don’t worry, it’s temporary.  If you’d like some portraits of this time, capturing the first few weeks for ever, we can help.  It’s what we do.  We’ll provide everything in the studio in Sherburn in Elmet, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the experience.  We’ll create portraits of a time that passes so quickly that you’ll treasure forever.

When Is The Best Time To Book An Appointment?

For their first two weeks your baby still enjoys being curled up, like they were in the womb. It’s during this time that they’ll cheerfully sleep through the experience of being photographed in the natural, comfortable and safe poses that we use.  That’s why we recommend that you book the session for when your baby is some time between 5 and 14 days old.

So that you get our undivided attention and to ensure that there is no rush or pressure, we only book one session per day. It’s the best way we know to give the best service.  You can make a booking at any point during your pregnancy and we’ll aim to get you booked in roughly 5-6 days after your due date.  Don’t worry, we’re happy to reschedule if necessary.

If you’ve just had your baby and you’re reading this, you can get in touch too.  We’ll do our best to fit you in before your little one gets to 12-14 days old.

We are fully baby led

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Your baby’s safety and comfort is our top priority. Our studio is a warm and inviting place; it is set to the perfect temperature to keep little ones cosy, with relaxing, calming music playing. Your baby will be gently wrapped to help them feel safe and secure (just like in the womb) 

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Just like adults, all babies are unique; They have different levels of flexibility and find different positions comfortable, therefore we constantly read baby’s signals and never force a baby into a position that that they do not find comfortable. 

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Nothing is more important to us than

keeping your baby safe.

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We use safe, purpose made posing props and equipment,

and always have a ‘spotter’ next to baby as even the tiniest tots can wriggle around. 

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How Long Is A Newborn Portrait Session?

Newborn babies don’t like to be rushed. They do things at their own pace.  We book only one session a day and they are 3 hours long to ensure that we can take our time.  That’s not to say that it will take 3 hours. Typically, the sessions take a lot less time, but it’s nice to have the time if it’s needed. Ensuring your little one is properly settled and happy before we start is essential .  We also provide as much privacy as you’d like for feeds and changing during the session.


Firstly, we charge a session fee to confirm your booking.  The Session Fee is £75.00

After the session and once the photographs are ready, we’ll make an appointment for a viewing where you can see the photographs and then choose which package you’d like.

We really wanted to cater to everyone with the different packages that we offered.   There are three different print packages that include different numbers and sizes of prints, enlargements, canvases, framed prints and albums.  Each collection includes the corresponding digital files for the prints you select.

In addition, we also have an ‘ à la carte ‘ menu where you can order any number of additional mounted prints, framed prints, canvasses, etc.  for family and friends.  If you’d like a copy of the ‘ à la carte ‘ price list, please feel free to download it here.



  • A telephone consultation with me so that we can plan your session, and tailor it to you & your family
  • Styling consultation: We discuss what you’d like to wear and what will work best for your portraits
  • Optional: Hair & Makeup Makeover prior to the shoot
  • Professional editing and retouching of the photographs from your session
  • A viewing appointment to help you choose your photographs



Once we’ve finished professionally editing and retouching the photographs from your portrait session, we’ll call you to arrange a viewing appointment – either in the comfort of your own home, or in the Studio.  At this point, you can order any of the print packages, wall art and any additional mounted print copies for friends and relatives.  We also offer a wide range of canvasses, photo books and framed enlargements too.  Every image you order, whether part of a print package or as individual wall art, will be supplied with the corresponding digital image file. 



  • Six 7″ x 10″ Mounted prints.
  • Six corresponding Digital Files.



  • Ten 7″ x 10″ Mounted Prints
  • Ten corresponding Digital Files.



  • Twenty 7″ x 10″ Mounted Prints.
  • Twenty corresponding Digital Files.