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Yes, we do photograph weddings.  All over Yorkshire and beyond, throughout the UK in fact and sometimes even abroad.   There’s so much to tell you about our wedding packages etc. that we have a separate website for it with everything on it.  For now though, I’ll give you a few details and then you can click the button at the bottom of the page and head off to our ‘wedding specific’ website.


It’s important for your wedding photographs to tell a cohesive story.  Every image tells a little bit more of the story of your big day. For most of the day, you’ll hardly know we’re there.  We believe that a  good wedding photographer shouldn’t take over your day.  The best way to capture the details and the real, natural moments and emotions is to be as unobtrusive as possible.  Parts of the day do require a little orchestration, family group shots for example can take some organising, but we’ll take care of all of that for you.

There’s a lot of names for the style we work in. Documentary wedding photography. Wedding Reportage. Wedding Photojournalism.  They all amount to the same thing.  Capturing the moments when they happen naturally, without the need to take over and pose people.


Weddings are all different, so we’ve done our best to try to put together a few packages that will suit most budgets.  We’ve got everything from a 3 hours midweek package, to half and full day packages that go from the bride getting ready through to the first dance and beyond.

Prices start at £350 and go through to £1200.

You can also add a second photographer to the package if you’d like even more coverage of the day.


If you’re looking for an award winning wedding photographer who captures the day naturally, from first thing in the morning, well into the evening, then you need to click the button below. That’ll take you to our specific wedding photography website with all of the details that you’ll need to know.

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