Does anybody find it easy to write about themselves?

I’m Mark and I’m the photographer at True North Studio.  I’ve always been a photographer, as long as I can remember because I love meeting people and hearing their stories.  I spent 10 years travelling the world doing it and loved every minute of it. I saw some amazing places and met a lot of fantastic people. Most of whom I photographed.

Now, home is about half way between Leeds and York in a village called Sherburn in Elmet with my wife and manager, Fiona and our 3 year old daughter. She’s everyone’s manager.  

Why do I love to shoot portraits?

There’s no better feeling than showing someone something new in their face. Something that they’ve never seen before,  in the face that’s looked back at them from the mirror all their life. Showing someone their true inner beauty is empowering for them and rewarding for me.  Capturing a child’s personality in an image, in the single split second that they were still is magical.  Knowing that a family portrait of mine is going to be an heirloom that’ll be handed down from generation to generation is an amazing feeling – like I said. Best job ever. 

True North portrait Studio is based in Sherburn in Elmet.  We’re primarily a portrait and headshot studio although I do shoot weddings too.  I’ve always had an interest in Photojournalism.  That’s pretty much how I approach weddings.  I shoot in a documentary style, capturing the natural details as they actually happen rather than by interrupting and orchestrating to manufacture a ‘perfect image’. I’d far rather capture a true, emotional moment.  You can read more about how I shoot weddings and the packages I offer on my wedding website: Yorkshire Wedding Photographer.

In my spare time I’m a keen film photographer, Click here to see some of my documentary and contemporary landscape projects.

Leeds Portrait Photographer

What else could you possibly want to know?

  • I’m a photographer in my spare time too. 
  • I name my cameras.
  • I run Ultra Marathons on snowy and windy moorlands.
  • Japanese stationary!!! Who doesn’t love a crisp, new notebook?
  • I have a collection of Bonsai trees.
  • I love classical music:  Floyd, Dylan, Zeppelin, Stones (Rolling & Roses), Nirvana, Foos.

Leeds headshot Studio

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