Hi, If you’re on this page, it means that your wedding isn’t far away & I need you to supply some more of your Wedding Details.  It looks like there’s a fair bit to fill in, but it should only take 15-20 mins if you both work together (You can copy answers if you like…)

If you don’t currently know the answer to some of the questions yet, just fill in ‘TBC’.  Also, some of the fields may require the same information, such as service and reception addresses if they are both at the same place.  Just fill one address in and then indicate in the other field ‘same as Service/reception’.

Once you’ve completed the form, click to confirm that you are ‘not a robot’, unless of course you ARE a robot, in which case, it’s going to be a strange wedding day, and then click ‘SUBMIT’.

When you click ‘Submit’ you will be taken back to the website homepage and the ‘Main Contact’ for the wedding will receive a copy of the form.