Portraits & Headshots with Actor Ben


Ben came into the studio a few weeks ago.  He’s an actor and came in for some headshots and while he was here, we messed around with some portrait ideas too.  The studio has a massive south facing window.  We get flooded with fantastic natural light for pretty much the whole day. So after getting the essential shots, Ben & I took some time and did some natural light portraits.  I normally block the natural lights and use strobe, so it was a liberating experience to embrace the natural again.

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Booking a Portrait

If you’re interested in booking a portrait, the first step is to drop us an email and we’ll arrange a telephone consultation. You can ask as many questions as you like and we can explain the process and the various options. Also, if you’d like to bring in the whole gang, that’s fine. We can photograph the whole family, parents, children and even pets if you like! We only shoot one portrait session in a day, so you get as long as you need. There’s no time limit. You don’t even need to bring children – couples are families too!

Although it’s only October, Christmas is on the way…A family portrait makes a fantastic, unique and personal gift.

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