I never get nervous when I take portraits of people.  I love taking photographs and have always enjoyed meeting people, so it’s the perfect combination for me.  My portrait shoots can sometimes end up as a 50/50 split between photography and chatting.  That does change when your subject is a highly accomplished portrait photographer in their own right though.   Cathie is based in York, so really not that far away at all.  We’ve chatted a few times online and thought that it’d be cool to meet up and do a joint shoot.   It’s great to watch how other people work and to talk through their creative processes.  I learned so much on this shoot!  Cathie also took a load of portraits of me for my branding, which is indeed a feat! There are Snow Leopards that have been photographed more than I have.  One of her images is on my home page in the ‘about me’ section.  That’s how much I loved it.  I felt like it was a really valuable experience to be on the other side of the camera.  To feel how my portrait subjects feel.