I never get nervous when I take portraits of people.  I love taking photographs and have always enjoyed meeting people, so it’s the perfect combination for me.  My portrait shoots can sometimes end up as a 50/50 split between photography and chatting.  That does change when your subject is a highly accomplished portrait photographer in their own right though.   Cathie is based in York, so really not that far away at all.  We’ve chatted a few times online and thought that it’d be cool to meet up and do a joint shoot.   It’s great to watch how other people work and to talk through their creative processes.  I learned so much on this shoot!  Cathie also took a load of portraits of me for my branding, which is indeed a feat! There are Snow Leopards that have been photographed more than I have.  One of her images is on my home page in the ‘about me’ section.  That’s how much I loved it.  I felt like it was a really valuable experience to be on the other side of the camera.  To feel how my portrait subjects feel.

Branding Style Studio Portraits

It’s sounding very much like June is signalling the beginning of the removal of lockdown.  From the 15th June, I will be starting to take outdoor branding, headshots and portraits sessions again.  Naturally, they will be at a comfortable 2m distance.  I’m not sure at this point whether we’ll be able to provide hair & makeup yet.   Let’s hope things just keep moving forward…

What’s the Process?

If you’re interested in a portrait or branding shoot, you can drop me a message and we’ll arrange a consultation.  During the consultation, we’ll have a look at what sort of thing you’re after and how best to achieve it. We will also put together a list of what you’re going to wear and determine if you’d like the services of our Hair & Makeup people.   After that, we’ll book you in.

After the shoot, we’ll either book in a reveal session where you can come in and see your photographs and decide which ones you’d like, in what format, or we’ll send you a link to a private online gallery.

Every shoot includes the following:

  • An Initial Consultation, so that we understand how you’d like to look and how the packages work.
  • A Shoot plan – will you want hair and makeup? what will you be wearing etc.?
  • The Shoot, where we’ll make you all look your absolute best and produce images that you’ll love.
  • An in person reveal session where you get to view your photographs, purchase prints and discuss the options for beautiful wall art for your home.

How Long Will It Take ?

Everybody is different.  Some people sit down in the studio like a pro and they’re comfortable straight away.  Others need some time to get warmed up.  Either is fine.  We generally book in 2 hours but if it takes longer, we’re not watching the clock.  We take as long as we need to get the right images.

What Next?

If you’d like to hear more or get in touch for a detailed Quotation, you can Contact Us by email or give us a call on 07813 875361

Studio Portraits: Group Bookings

There’s no two ways around it, coming in for studio portraits can sometimes be a bit intimidating. If you’d like to get together with a couple of friends or family members and come in as a group, that’s absolutely fine. A portrait of you and your siblings would make a beautiful gift for your parents. If you’re interested in a studio portrait session for you and your friends or family, contact us for more details and we’ll put together a bespoke package for you.