Branding Photography for Huddersfield’s Newest Wedding Supplier


Just before we were locked down again at the start of December, I went over to Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.  I was there to see Claire, who’d just taken over her new business venture, the lovely Bridal Box Boutique. Slaithwaite is a beautiful, picturesque little town and Claire’s shop looks great there.  The idea was that I’d go and get a few images of the dresses and some detail photographs.   I wanted to create a bank of photographs that really made Claire’s shop stand out and look professional online.  A collection that she could use whenever posting news etc. on her Facebook page – that sort of thing.   It’s important to be in control of the image of your business that you present and not to leave it to Smart Phone images that either you’ve taken, or your clients have, on the fly.  Part of the service we offer with business branding photography is a planning session where we determine how to reach your ideal client.  What images will appeal to them?  What photographs will stop them scrolling and catch their eye?

You can see some of the photographs below, or, you could head to the Bridal Box Boutique website and see them there.