Children & Families: Portrait Photography


Over the last few months , we’ve not really had much opportunity to flex our portrait muscles much. The studio has been closed.  One person that I could photograph though, was my own little girl.  She’s pretty much a professional these days. After all, she’s been my only test subject over the last year.  Her rates are pretty good too.  Providing she’s paid in Lego, or cuddly toys, I can play with all the new lighting and editing techniques I want…

Leeds Portrait Studio Reopening 12th April 2021

It’s looking very much like the ‘roadmap’ will allow Photographic Studios to open up again soon.  We will be throwing open the doors again for Headshots and Portraits at this point too.  There will be a few differences though.  Obviously, we’ll still be observing safe distances and the studio will be suitably cleaned and disinfected between shoots.  We’ll only be able to accomodate groups from one household initially, hopefully that’ll change over the Summer.  For now though, it means we’ll definitely be able to manage portraits for Families

As of April 12th we’ll also be able to shoot headshots for Actors, Performers and business as well as restarting Branding Photography.  We can’t wait!  If you’re interested in booking, please get in touch. We’re filling up already – After a year of being separated from our loved ones, let’s celebrate Family!

You can view any of the images in full screen by clicking on them.  They bigger they are, the better they look.  I think we’ll be filling our front room with some extremely large Wall Art in the next month or so…

Booking a Portrait Session

If you’re interested in booking a Portrait Session, either for children, adults or for all of you, the first step is to drop us an email.  We’ll arrange a telephone consultation where you can ask as many questions as you like and we can explain the process and the various options.  You can also download our Portrait Package information PDF

The Studio will be fully open & operational from 12th April, for headshots & portraits.  But don’t wait until then as we’re booking up pretty quickly now.