A Portrait Is A Moment In Time


A couple of weeks ago, A. (We don’t use children’s names on the internet) and her mum came into the studio for some portraits, A. is a friend of our daughters and we’ve met many times and know her parents well, so it was a really nice shoot. It was good to catch up after all the months of being locked down. The minute she walked through the door, she had her eye on a few of the studio dresses. We’re in the process of building up a collection of outfits that work particularly well with my collection of different backdrops. She also loved the fan. Everyone loves the fan we use for hair movement!

Often it’s a new experience for little ones and the studio can be a bit intimidating. It’s important to make it a fun time & something they enjoy. We don’t like to start shooting straight away. Children work best when they work at their speed and also when they have some creative input into the shoot. Allowing them to do some of their own poses can reveal some “interesting” results, even if they don’t end up being selected for prints or wall art. Shooting children’s portrait photographs, we’ve seen some amazing poses in the past, as well as some that have stopped the shoot due to laughing! Also, siblings and family members are always welcome to come along. We can get a few family group portraits at the same time. Children, like adults, appreciate the connection and input into the shoot. After looking at a few poses, we all chat, play with some