Fine Art Family Portraits: F

Just before lockdown, the studio was starting to get really busy.  We were shooting a lot of portraits and headshots and were looking forward to launching Newborn Photography at the end of Summer.  It seems that the Covid lockdown has put an end to that at least for a little while although if you are interested in booking a portrait shoot for after the lockdown, please get in touch for more details.

We shot these portraits of F. (We never use children’s names), just before the lockdown.  F. is a friend of our daughters and we’ve met many times and know her mum well, so it was a really nice shoot.  She was very keen to get into the posh dresses.

The Studio can be a bit overwhelming for little ones. That’s why we try to make everything as fun as possible.  We don’t like to start shooting straight away.  Children work best when they work at their speed.  Also, siblings and family members are always welcome to come along.  We can get a few family group portraits at the same time.  Bear in mind that my studio isn’t massive though and seating is a bit limited.   Children, like adults, appreciate the connection and input into the shoot.  I like to show them some prints from other shoots and ask them how they’d like to pose.  After that we all chat, play with some toys and then when everyone is ready, start to take some fabulous photographs.

We like to do the more serious Fine Art Portraits first. At the start of the shoot, it’s a lot easier to get the serious look that really works for this type of portrait.  You can see that at the start of the shoot. As we went on, F. relaxed into the shoot and left us with a bit of a problem.  Far too much to edit.  It did make selecting images for the ‘9 up’ print at the end really easy though.

If you’d like an initial consultation, so we can talk about a portrait shoot for you or your little ones, please get in touch.


Shooting children’s portraits is a bit of a different kettle of fish to adults and we take safety very seriously.  Both Fiona & I are fully CRB checked and Fiona is a fully qualified and experienced Primary School Teacher.  You’ll also notice that on the blog posts, we never use the children’s names.