National Justice Museum Postcard Collection

Earlier this year I was working on an architectural commission at the National Justice Museum in Nottingham.  The museum has been around since the early 90’s but it’s being modernised.  Originally, it was the Shire Hall and before that, the county Gaol. Apparently, there’s been a Gaol there since 1449. Some of the older cells are nothing more than damp caves – I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be incarcerated there.

The job was to assist the architects and provide them with some reference.  They needed to be able to feel what the building was like. I shot some texture images as we walked around the place, surfaces, doors, chains etc..  The idea was to create a material dialogue for the architects I was working with.  It would allow them to be able to incorporate the sense of touch and the tactile feel of the prison that has now become the Justice Museum.

The Justice museum recently contacted me to ask if they could use the images to put together a postcard collection – there really is no better feeling than seeing your work in print!  It’s good to know that some of my photographs could be travelling the world now.  Do people still send postcards?

It’s a really interesting place.  If you are in Nottingham, I can wholeheartedly recommend the place – it’ll certainly keep you on the straight and narrow…