Let’s be honest, good days, workwise, have been few & far between this year.  We’ve not shot anywhere near as many portrait shoots as we’d expect to shoot in  normal year.  So, when the Portrait Masters accreditation came around this year, I wasn’t really sure what to do.  The Portrait Masters is an international award and accreditation where the standards are unbelievably good. I had a good look through the shoots that we had actually managed to do.  Luckily, although we didn’t shoot many, they were all great shoots. There were options.  The thing is, and you’ll be all to familiar with this, there’s always the self doubt. Are they good enough? Am I just going to cap a bad year off by making myself feel worse?  It goes with all creative endeavours.  It never feels good enough.

I narrowed down the selection to seven images – my favourite seven, bit the bullet and sent them in.

I’m not really one for trumpet blowing, so, I’ll make it short and sweet.  They all did great & achieved Bronze awards.  I’d have been happy if one of them had, but no, all of them did.

Thanks to all the people in the portraits, because a good portrait is a collaboration.  Let’s face it, I couldn’t have done it without them, but it’s mo