What is a Reveal Box


How many photographs do you have on your smart phone?  What about your hard drive or computer? Hundreds? Thousands? More?

I have about 200,000 at the moment, but that’s because I back weddings up forever, so there’s hundreds of weddings in there as well as personal photographs.

Now, how many do you look at on a daily basis?  I mean really look at, taking a moment to remember when they were taken & how you felt at the time. Or remember how cute the kids were when they were that young, in the days before they wanted the car keys all the time.  That’s what the Reveal Box gives you. That moment, every day.

The Reveal box is a cleverly designed frame / storage box, that will hold up to 30 printed & mounted images.  The lid of the box is transparent, so that when you stand it up, the front image is displayed as though it were framed.  All in a perfect size to stand on a shelf.

Can We See One?

You don’t have to fill one all at once. You can add a couple of your favourite images each year and rotate the picture on display.  This is the key.  The photograph is on display, where you can see it and enjoy it.  Photographs are made to be printed and displayed so that we can enjoy the memories.  Not stored on a dusty hard drive where all they do is take up memory.

The Reveal boxes come in a variety of coverings from vegan friendly leatherette to finest Italian leather that comes with a ‘new car smell’.  Almost everything about them can be customised to how you want it to look, from the interior to the ribbon.  They are hand made to order in Italy and are absolutely stunning.  You’ll be able to see one in the studio when you come in for your session.

You can add a reveal box to any portrait package that we offer or as part of a bespoke package that we’ve put together for you with wall art.

Booking a Portrait

If you’re interested in booking a portrait, the first step is to drop us an email and we’ll arrange a telephone consultation. You can ask as many questions as you like and we can explain the process and the various options. Also, if you’d like to bring in the whole gang, that’s fine. We can photograph the whole family, parents, children and even pets if you like! We only shoot one portrait session in a day, so you get as long as you need. There’s no time limit. You don’t even need to bring children – couples are families too!

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