Does Your Headshot Portfolio Need A Spring Clean?

As the new year properly kicks in, it gets marginally warmer.  Admittedly, that’s not that noticeable at the moment.  It’s still freezing.  The nights get lighter and we start to turn attention towards being more productive after a Winter’s hibernation.  If you’re an actor, musician, artist, writer or any other form of creative, it may be worth looking at your headshots.  As the country wakes up after Winter, & let’s face it, a pandemic, be ready to hit the ground running.

Does your current headshot look like you?  Do you still have your hair that way? It’s surprising how many actors come to the studio to get new headshots, because their old ones are 10 years old now.  If your face is your brand, or your customers want to know what you look like, your headshot is an essential marketing tool.  It’s sometimes frowned upon to think in terms of marketing & business when it comes to creative endeavours.  But one thing that every working actor I’ve photographed over the years has in common, they all treat themselves as a business.  They understand that in a competitive workplace, they are the product that they need to sell to casting directors. There’s no better tool to do that than a good, current Headshot.

We’ve had quite a few actors through the studio recently & we’ve been really busy.  Too busy to blog much.  Let’s face it, it’s a select group of people that consider blogging a pleasure.  I’d prefer to be photographing or out on my bike than sitting in front of the computer 10 out of 10 times.  So here we are, a little selection of some of the recent headshot shoots.

You might also notice that some of the images are a bit less headshoty (Not a word – I know).  Quite often, when we get an actor in the studio, I like to shoot some extra stuff.  A bit more portraity (that one is from the same stable as ‘headshoty’).  It’s always good to have some extra images in your portfolio.

Studio or Location

As well as having the studio, which is where I do the majority of headshot sessions,  I do location work too.  Last month, I went along to the rehearsals for a theatre production of The Puppet Man.  That’ll be on at The Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds later this year.  If you’ve got something in production and need some images of the whole cast, sometimes it can be easier to bring the studio to you.  Drop me an email and we can discuss what you need.

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