The Best laid Plans of Mice & Men…

We, like so many other people, had big plans for 2020.  This was going to be the year for the studio.  It started off so well.  We were taking loads of bookings for business headshots, both in the studio and on location in workplaces all around Yorkshire.  Bookings for on-location Branding shoots were going a bit mad.  We were shooting headshots for actors, dancers and other performers a couple of times a week.  Everything was building and moving in the right direction.   I don’t have to tell you what happened next.  It happened to everyone. No one was untouched by it & in the grand scheme of things, we ( I mean my family ) were relatively lucky.  A lot of people felt the COVID-19 impact much more severely than us.  A lot of people worked all the way through lockdown to ensure that we had healthcare when we needed it, food in the cupboards ( But not toilet roll! ) and that our bins were emptied, gas & electricity remained a switches flick away, children were still schooled and that parcels came when we ordered them.  To all of those people, ‘thank you’ hardly seems enough.

A New Beginning

It’s halfway through June now.  Lockdown is easing, a little bit at a time.  Every day things are returning, perhaps not back to how they were, but back to something that’ll be a new normal.  It’s time to look forward.  We’re dusting off the plans we had for this year. We just have a few months less to complete them.

Last week, I did a studio portrait shoot for Mark, someone who wanted some headshots really, for website use (He makes furniture).  I got him into the studio to test our Social Distancing Capabilities and it worked.  You can see from the image – we’ve got the room, all we needed was a longer lens!!

(You may also want to take a moment to enjoy the antique Kurdish rug that I got as a prop for the studio…)