Tyler: From Drama Class at School, to…

Tyler is at school in Leeds and is studying Drama.  From talking to him during the shoot, it’s clear how much he enjoys it.  He’s looking at pursuing a career in acting.  There’s only one way to get the attention of the right agency.  The good ones are inundated with applicants every day.   I was speaking to an agent last week regarding some headshots I’d taken for one of her clients (she wants everyone on her books to come to the studio!!!).  She deals with about 20 new applicants a day, but maybe only a half of those have a headshot they can send.  Out of the half that send a headshot, many seem to be a phone snap in the garden.

Agents and Casting Directors are busy people, so you need to stand out from the crowd as someone who is professional and takes their acting career seriously.  A professional headshot is the best way to do that.

I keep saying it, but getting people like Tyler in the studio is so refreshing. It’s great to meet young, motivated actors, keen to get out there.  I love helping get that first rung on the ladder.

A Few Words About ‘Camfort’.


‘Camfort’ isn’t a word.   It’s something I made up.  It’s Camera Comfort.  How comfortable a person is in front of the camera.  Let’s face it, not many people like having their photograph taken.  That’s why at True North Studio we take the time to make the who experience less painful.  For starters, there’s all the obvious stuff, like having a CRB certificate for photographing younger people, Insurance etc..  All that sort of stuff.   We always insist that minors have a parent or guardian with them when they come in, but anyone else can bring someone too.  Bring a friend, or a family member.  Bring a calming influence.

Being comfortable, having ‘camfort’, is about more than that though. To really take a great headshot or portrait, you  need to form a connection with the person in front of the lens.  Anyone who knows me will tell you, if talking was an Olympic sport…   That’s pretty much how the headshot sessions run.  It’s normally a nice chat and every so often, I’ll take some photographs!

Camfort.  Not a word.  Yet!