Do We Have to Have Headshots in the Studio?

When it comes to actors or musicians or any individual having their headshots taken, the studio is normally the best option.  It’s easy to get to, you can come over for a couple of hours and we get everything done.

However, if you’ve got a larger number of employees and staff, that’s probably not the best option.  If you’d like to have a cohesive corporate image, with all of your staff having similar looking portrait for their email signature, LinkedIn profile and your website etc. then it’s better for me to bring my studio to your place.

All I need is a conference or meeting room to set up in. Then we can spend however long it takes to get everyone in your place of work photographed with the minimum of disruption to your working day.  I’ve done offices of 4, like the guys from Hartmann-Young in the images below. I’ve also done offices of 35 in half a day.

Whether it’s for 4 professional profile photographs, or 200, invest in your company’s image.  You can come to my studio, or I can bring the studio to you. For individual headshots take a look at my packages and have a read through the information. Or for larger groups, get in touch  for a quote

Group Bookings

When it comes to headshots for business, it makes sense to have a unified image for the company.  You want everyone to look part of a team, so you want them all to have similar profile images.  I can come to your place of work and set up a studio.  All I need is a conference room, a meeting room or a large office.  That way, you can have the whole team photographed with as little disruption as possible to the business day.

If you’re interested in headshots for your team, contact me for more details.