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Acting, Corporate & Social Media Headshots

What is a Headshot?

Whether it’s for business or if you are a creative or performer, essentially, it’s an image of your head and shoulders, shot close up, to show you at your best.  The industry standard is for them to be in 8×10″ portrait format and for actors, that’s certainly a requirement for Spotlight. For business though, landscape images are becoming more and more popular.  Beyond that, I like the process to be as creative and as individual  as you are. What matters is that it reflects you.

Predominantly we do headshots for actors and art-performers. However, corporate & Professional portraits for use on websites like Linkedin have become essential now. We’re also happy to shoot them for use on dating websites and Social Media too.

If you’re either a professional actor, a student or an aspiring actor, you will know that your headshot is one of the most vital tools to make your mark in the industry. If you want Casting Directors to notice you or you’re looking for an agent you need a shot that stands out. The key ingredient to a great image is that it has to look like you, but on your very best day.

A successful portrait should say what you want agents, managers and casting directors to know about you. We’re focused on making sure that your shot says what you need it to say and shows you, as you want to be seen.