Create a professional face for your company


It’s great when we get a business client with a strong idea of the image they want to project.  Face The Future is one of the UK’s leading skin clinics and is based just outside Leeds in West Yorkshire.  They got in touch with us to produce some headshots of their entire team.  That’s both the clinic & the office.

We took the mobile studio to both of their sites in one day. Photographing everyone individually before creating a beautifully graphic Black & White look that’s slightly looser than a standard headshot.  You can see the results below.

Booking a Personal or Business Headshot Session

2022 is looking like the year when small businesses can finally make a comeback.  Let’s face it, It’ll be nice to actually work normally again.  After two years of just getting by, it’s time to bring your business image back to the forefront.  Is it time for a bit of rebrand? or perhaps just a refresh? How’s everyone’s LinkedIn Headshot looking?

If you’re interested in creating an online business presence, updating your website, titillating your Instagram or just advertising what you do, give me a call.  Let’s make a plan for the new year and get your business on the ‘front page’ of your customer’s mind!

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