Performer in the Arts, or High Performer in Business

Whether you’re a performer in the arts, or a business high performer, the first thing a potential employer or client will see is your headshot.  It may be a Casting Director, a client looking at your Facebook page, or someone wanting to interview you for a role in their company.  The first thing that they will look at is your profile photograph or attached headshot print. You wouldn’t want to have something that important relying on a phone snap that your friend took, would you?

Dan came in for two lots of headshots.  The first session, this one, was with his long hair.  The second session a few weeks later, with virtually no hair.  I’ll be posting the 2nd look in a few days, but for now, here’s a selection of some of the images we photographed in the first session.

I was wanting to test a backdrop that I’d recently painted too, so Dan graciously volunteered to do some portraits with the new backdrop.  I’ve put a few of those shots in here too for you  to have a look  at.

Whether it’s for an audition, an interview or for a professional profile photograph, invest in your future. Why not take a look at my packages and have a read through the information. Then, if you’d like to book in for a headshot shoot, please get in touch and let me know what it is that you’re after. We can provide a bespoke experience that tailors your headshot requirements to a particular role, whether it’s artistic, or business.