What is Personal Branding?

Whether it’s for business, acting, or for personal use on social media, we have become more reliant on personal branding to be noticed and get our message across.  Social media like LinkedIn and Facebook are filled with business competitors, vying for customers.  If you’re an actor answering a Casting Call, it’s highly unlikely you’re the only applicant.  Dating sites have become a popular means for busy people to meet other people that they have similar interests to, people that they like the look of. I’ve shot plenty of weddings for people who met that way.

When you’re putting something online, whether it’s for Business, acting or personally, the first thing people do is look at your image. First impressions count.   The big question is whether you want to use an image that someone shot on a smartphone, three years ago, in a bar on a night out in Leeds?  Or, do you want to control the image that you project? Your Personal Branding is that image.

Who You Are.

Depending on your business, you may want to project the suited and booted business executive. Someone who can be trusted with a great deal of responsibility.  Perhaps you need to be seen as the caring, approachable therapist. Imagine you were going for an acting role. You want your headshot to match the sort of role you’re going for, right?

Dan’s Shoot.

Dan came into the studio before.  You may remember him.  You should look at his old headshots. He was the guy with the long hair. Well, he had a change of image. What a change