Ryan: New Look, New Actor’s Headshots

Over the last 18 months, many of us have undergone a bit of a transformation.  That’s certainly true for me, both internally and externally.  We’ve all been forced into re-evaluating life, who we are etc.   It’s also true for Ryan who’s undergone a total image change.  The sharp eyed soap fans among you may recognise Ryan from Emmerdale where he played Robert Sugden, a character now languishing in jail.   That freed Ryan up to look for new roles, but then the world changed a bit.   While we were all locked down, Ryan went for the new image.

As soon as things started to open up again and auditions began to slowly start up again, Ryan came into our studio for some new headshots to reflect the new image.

Will Robert Sugden return to Emmerdale?  Only the writers know the answer to that one.  I am sure, however, that we’ll see Ryan on our screens again.  It was a real pleasure to meet him and chat for an hour or so.    All of my portrait & headshot sessions seem to end up as more of a conversation, interrupted by photographs 🙂

A Few Updates from True North Studio…


We re-opened the studio on a limited basis back in April.  Since then, it’s been manic!  After the 2nd relaxing of restrictions at the beginning of May, the studio is fully open.  Yes, there’s facemasks and the whiff of hand sanitiser, but it’s been great to be back at work!

We’ve been shooting a lot of headshots, both for business & actors.  Fiona has been preparing the Newborn Photography side of things that she’ll be launching over the back end of Summer.  There’s great developments there as we prepare for workshops and preparing the studio for her new venture!

We’ve also had a lot of family portrait sessions, with a load more booked for the 2nd half of summer.  Outdoor portraits are popular this year – I’m actually off to Robin Hood’s Bay tomorrow for some family portraits on the beach.  If you’d like to see what that’s all about, check out our Lifestyle Portraits.  It’s certainly been a busy & exciting Summer so far and isn’t showing any signs of letting up – especially with the introduction of Fiona’s Newborn Portraits.  If you’re interested in booking in, either for headshots or family portraits, feel free to drop us an email.  Just click on ‘Contact Us’ at the top of the page.