Emma: Singer & Performer Headshots

Emma came to the studio a few weeks ago to have some headshots taken.  She’s a singer who, like me, used to work on Cruise Ships.  Obviously, I was NOT a singer on Cruise Ships.  Thankfully, I worked on them as a photographer.   The world should be thankful that I won’t ever be given a microphone 🙂

Emma has decided to expand her horizons and has taken on an agent to start applying for new roles in the UK again.  To that end, her first stop was to get some headshots

The first step in any career move within the arts is a headshot.  Whatever kind of performer you are, the thing that get’s you through the door to an audition is your headshot.  It’s not something to be left to chance with an iPhone photo, or something a friend snapped.

A Few Updates from True North Studio…


We’ve been shooting a lot of headshots, both for business & actors recently.  Loads of people must have had it on the their to-do lists over lockdown.  If you’re interested in either, please get in touch through the Contact link above.  Fiona has been preparing the Newborn Photography side of things that she’ll be launching at some point during September.  If you know someone who is currently expecting and has a due date in the 2nd half of September, drop us an email. We’ll be looking for models 🙂 .

We’ve also had a lot of family portrait sessions, with a load more booked for the 2nd half of summer.  Outdoor portraits are popular this year – even considering how bad the weather has been this summer.   If you’d like to see what that’s all about, check out our Lifestyle Portraits.  It’s certainly been a busy & exciting Summer so far and isn’t showing any signs of letting up – especially with the introduction of Fiona’s Newborn Portraits.  If you’re interested in booking in, either for headshots or family portraits, feel free to drop us an email.  Just click on ‘Contact Us’ at the top of the page.