A Beautiful Summer Afternoon at The Mansion in Roundhay, Leeds

I miss summer.  I’m not really a Winter person.  That’s why I’m going back over some of my weddings from earlier this year. So that I can look at the photographs of lazy, warm evenings, like Emily & Giles’ wedding at the Mansion in Roundhay Park in Leeds.

I like weddings that keep things as simple as possible, so the fact that from Emily & Giles’ front door, you could see the church where they were getting married. It was literally at the end of the garden. That really appealed to me.  I really like it too when there’s a central room where everyone is on the morning of the wedding.  It’s usually the kitchen. It certainly was in this case.

I think the thing that I like most about weddings though, is the sense of family.  Everyone together enjoying a beautiful Summer evening. An occasion. Possibly, as in this case, a late evening all-in football match.

I’m not a writer & I know I need to work on that.  Hopefully, the photographs will tell the story for me.