Kate & Timay

It’s fair to say that this summer has been absolutely brilliant for me. I’ve been ‘off my feet busy’ (which is why I’m only just getting round to blogging this wedding now!) and I’ve loved every minute of it & met some fantastic people. I think I’ve also met some of the most chilled out Brides and Grooms in the country. That’s where Kate & Timay come into the equation. Their wedding back at the start of June has definitely been one of my highlights. To start with, I love the Woodlands Hotel.  The Bridal Suite is large, light and has massive windows so it’s always a pleasure to shoot the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready there. I just can’t praise the light in that room enough! The grounds are amazing for portraits and there’s a small woodland, that just gets the setting summer sun behind it – perfect for the job!

On top of the great wedding venue, you couldn’t ask to shoot a nicer, more relaxed couple & their guests. Perhaps some of my favourite moments at weddings are when distant friends & relatives meet again after a long period apart – we had that in the morning and it’s great to be there to record the emotional reunions when they happen.

The ceremony itself was a bit special as it was the first time that the Woodlands Hotel had done an outdoor ceremony – the sun shone on everyone and it went off perfectly.

In the evening, everyone enjoyed some garden games, chatting in the sunshine, a few drinks and…A Rodeo Bull!!!! (yes, you read that correctly). I believe that you haven’t really made it as a wedding photographer until you’ve photographed a bride, in her wedding dress, riding a Rodeo Bull.

Throughout the day, I got the impression that this might be a wedding where people knew how to enjoy themselves. The Rodeo Bull helped with that. My suspicions were confirmed later on as the dancefloor filled up and stayed that way late into the evening.

From the moment I got into the car to come home I was looking forward to seeing these shots – I hope you like them as much as I do.