It feels a bit strange writing about wedding from last summer when it’s looking more and more like this Summer’s wedding season may be cancelled.  I really feel for all the Brides, Grooms & their families and friends.  It takes a tremendous amount of work to put together a really personal wedding day.  When a completely unforeseeable circumstance causes that to be cancelled, I can only imagine the disappointment.

I’m currently talking with a lot of my 2020 Brides & Grooms about postponements.  As long as I’m free on the new date, I’m happy to move the booking and carry over everything they’ve paid at no extra cost.

I had a bit of a think about whether to be posting weddings at the moment, but I think we could all do with having a look at some good times in the sun from last year.  Good times in the sun is exactly what Rebecca & Daniel’s wedding was all about.

Rebecca & Daniel’s East Yorkshire Wedding

I’ve never photographed the Beverley Barn before (You can see their website here) .  I like it when a new venue comes up as it certainly keeps things interesting.  The Beverley Barn isn’t just a new venue to me, at the time we were there last year, it was a brand new wedding venue.  They were making a really great job of it too – plenty of open space to enjoy the sunshine.

It’s strange going back over weddings from last year.  Looking at the photographs really brings back the memories of the day, even for me.  There’s so many fantastic memories of wedding days inside my head and just looking at the photographs unlocks them.  Also, there’s pretty much one moment that, for me, defines the wedding day. In my memory, that wedding is then forever filed away as ‘that wedding where X happened’.  For Rebecca & Daniel’s day, that was the wedding where the Bridesmaids dropped the bride.

There was loads of other stuff too.  Like the Cigars, but it was the bridesmaids dropping the bride that became the mental filename for this one.