Burnsall Wedding: Claire & Tom

I first met Claire and Tom a while back now, at the wedding of Claire’s sister, Amy. I love it when someone who was at a previous wedding that I shot books me, and especially in this case where the brides are sisters. Over the course of a wedding day, I really get an insight into families and the closeness and bond that siblings share, so it’s good to catch up with everyone a year later and see them all again. I do feel a little sorry for Claire’s dad though, as there’s still a third sister.

Deep in the Yorkshire Dales, in Burnsall near Skipton is the Devonshire Fell Hotel. A gorgeous country house set in peaceful, rolling hills, the Devonshire Fell has some the best views of any venue that I’ve been to. I arrived early in the morning to take advantage and get some shots of the hotel looking over the valley to make the most of the view.  I stood there, next to a stone wall with a cup of coffee in my hand, first thing in the morning, in the late summer sunshine and the only sound I could hear was the occasional sheep & couldn’t help but appreciate how lucky I am to be doing this. I love my job.

I spent the whole morning with Claire and her sisters and Bridesmaid as they got ready, nipping next door occasionally to get a few shots of Tom and the guys as they got ready too. It always interests me to see the contrast in how the Bride and Groom getting ready. I love to see who is the most nervous. With Claire & Tom though, there were very few nerves, just excitement. They’re a great couple and fit really well together, they make each other laugh.

As the sun got lower, we headed outside, into a field nearby. I really wanted to get the evening light from the setting sun with some of the beautiful scenery. I’ve made a mental note to myself that I need to wear shoes with better grip in future. The local sheep had left several ‘deposits’ in the field and those things really make a mess of a suit when you slip over…

By about 11pm, the dancing was starting to wind down so I took the opportunity to grab my tripod and head outside again to get some night time pictures of the hotel. When I looked up, the amount of stars visible was just incredible and once again, I was struck by the peace and quiet and what an absolutely beautiful part of the world this is.