As I’m sitting in my office at the moment writing this and I’m looking into the garden. There’s currently about a foot of snow out there and it’s really windy and -2 degrees. I thought that the start of March meant to be the start of Spring? Perhaps not. So, it makes perfect sense to post some photographs from a wedding last June. Hopefully, that will make us all feel warmer. Behold, Cat and Dave’s fantastic big day at The Faversham in Leeds.

Cat & Dave’s big day at the Faversham in Leeds

I knew when I met Cat and Dave last year that their wedding was going to be a very cool day to photograph. Some people really know how to celebrate and after talking to them, I was pretty sure that this was going to be one of those weddings!

Cat and the Bridesmaids started the day getting ready at home. I love that because you really get an idea of their personality.  You can tell a lot about people by their home, even if it is mainly in the background of the photographs. Meanwhile, Dave was on his way to The Faversham to finish off the setting up. Cat & Dave both put a lot into the day,  they made a lot of the details and decorations themselves. I had no idea, before I met Dave, that you could cut a wine bottle! I was particularly impressed by the brightly coloured screen that Dave made for the ceremony. It meant I could hide and get some closer shots through the gaps too.

Wedding Portraits & The Reception

After the Ceremony, the three of us headed out to the Tropical Gardens near Roundhay Park in Leeds to take a few portraits. I like to keep things as natural as possible with the portraits. Stopping people to get them to smile at the camera isn’t really how I like to work. The key, for me, is to let the Bride & Groom relax, talk to each other & have a bit of a laugh. I shoot the portraits when they look right – leave the hard work to me. I’ve also found that when it is so relaxed, the Bride & Groom can actually enjoy this bit of the day. Wedding days can be hectic affairs, with hardly any time to see each other, what with mingling etc. The Portraits session is a chance to catch up with each other.

That pretty much gets us to the part that I knew Cat & Dave were looking forward to the most. The party. There’s nothing that I can add that the photographs don’t already say. So much dancing! It’s why I like to stay until late. Imagine missing all the fun?

I hope you enjoy the photographs, please feel free to leave a comment at the end – let me know what you think.