Jenni & Theo’s homemade wedding in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

There’s always something really special about a homemade wedding.  I love to see all the work that the bride, groom and their families put in to the special day.   This one was really something.

I met up with everyone at Theo’s parent’s house a month or so beforehand so we could go over the plans.  Their house was going to be the reception venue, with a marquee in the yard, constructed by Theo and friends.  To say they are a musical family would be a considerable understatement and all parts of their home studio etc. would be used to create a real home festival celebration.  There was going to be live music. A lot of it. With plenty of dancing.  Exactly the sort of day that I love!

The Big Day

Jenni got ready on the morning at the Frenchgate Hotel in Richmond, North Yorkshire.  If you’ve never visited that part of the world, I can thoroughly recommend it – Richmond and the surrounding area is lovely.  You should visit Yorkshire.  All of it.

The morning preparations were a brilliant mix of nerves, excitement, family  & friends and were followed by an adventure!  If you’re arranging a wedding in a remote location, you should definitely follow Jenni & Theo’s lead and use ‘WhatThreeWords’.

The adventure was finding the church.  It was in the middle of nowhere.  St Michaels & All Angels Church, in Downholme is not an easy church to find – lucky that when I met up with Jenni & Theo before, we’d scoped it out!!    It was built in the latter part of the 1100’s apparently.

That brings us to the reception.  I don’t know what to say. They’d done an absolutely fantastic job building the Marquee and making it look weddingy (If it’s not a word, it should be).   The live music was amazing. Including the Bride & Groom both preparing musical surprises for each other . Everyone got involved.   Everyone got up and danced.  It was a fabulous day – I loved every minute of photographing it & Jenni & Theo & all of their family & friends were ace.  Big thanks to Theo’s mum too for the Veggie Chickpea Curry – and the tupperware tubs of it that came home with me 🙂