Yena & Matt at the Spa Hotel

The Ripon wedding of Yena & Matt ticked a few firsts for me. Firstly, and rather surprisingly for a Yorkshire Wedding photographer, I’d never actually shot a wedding in Ripon before. I’ve been close to it, I’ve even had to drive through it, but never actually a proper Ripon Wedding. Secondly, three best men. Previously, two was the highest. I have to say though that this was not a case of quantity over quality as each of the best men perfectly delivered a unique, personal & highly amusing speech. I’ve also not had to translate a blog post into Korean before either & let me tell you, my Korean is not good, especially writing. (There’s a fair chance that I’ll be relying on Google Translate, at least until Yena emails me with all of the corrections.)

Let’s start with the venues. For those of you who’ve never been to Ripon before, it’s a typical Yorkshire market town that’s actually a really small city. By typical, I mean that it’s absolutely beautiful, it’s very much like a smaller version of York, with an amazing Cathedral looking over it. Ripon is also over 1300 years old. If you’d like to read a little bit more about Ripon, click here: Welcome to Ripon .

I should also mention that Yena & Matt actually got married in Korea a few days before, but since Korea is quite a distance away, the Ripon leg of the wedding tour was to celebrate with those friends & family that couldn’t make it. So, for the blessing service, they chose the fantastic Holy Trinity Church. I say fantastic because I don’t think that I’ve ever been in a church that was so bright and light inside, and another feature that’s important for November weddings, it was warm.

Finally, the day moved to the Spa Hotel. I loved this place. Everything about it from its early 20th century architecture and symmetrical garden to the slightly quirky decoration was just right for this wedding. I’ve already mentioned how good the best mens speech was, but I should also mention the movie quiz that was on each table during the meal. I’d consider myself a movie fan, but this, this was movie mastermind level. I did get quite a few right, but nowhere near the winning table…but then I was taking photographs as well…