Dani & Andy at The Normans

Sometimes it feels like we’re really spoiled for wedding venues in Yorkshire. There are so many really good venues that I love to photograph. There is a few, however, that really stand out. One of the ones that really stands out for me is The Normans. Situated about halfway between Leeds and York, just near Tadcaster, it’s also in a perfect location for me. It takes about 10 minutes to get there.

I love the venues that go the extra mile to deliver a personal service & The Normans certainly did that on Dani &  Andy’s big day.

As you drive up to it, The Normans just looks like any of the other farms that you drove past on the same lane. That’s not a bad thing, it’s the beautiful scenery that makes it special. Once you park up and walk through into the courtyard and see the space, ready for a wedding, that’s when you realise that it’s something special.

I joined Dani, her mum and the bridesmaids at the crack of dawn. It wasn’t hard to find them. I could hear the excited chatter from out on the road. After one of the most relaxed Bridal preparation sessions I’ve ever photographed, I headed downstairs to catch the arrival of the groom and the guest of honour – Doug the Pug! The groom, the guests and Doug were all ready for things to get started. We spent a little while photographing people mixing and mingling in the courtyard before everyone went to sit down in the Barn. The Barn is where they hold the wedding ceremony there. If you’ve never seen it, the whole end wall is a cascade of fairy lights. It looks simply fantastic. (it also makes taking photographs a lot easier!)

There’s nothing better than a garden party atmosphere for a summer wedding. When you’ve got the weather, make the most of it. People watching is one of my favourite pastimes, which is probably why I love this job. It’s like been a professional people watcher. There’s nothing better on a hot, summer’s afternoon than wandering around, watching people interact, families come together and old friends catch up with each other.

After dinner, Dani, Andy & I all went for a walk up the road to a nearby cornfield. I love the portraits that we took there. Whenever I’m feeling the effects of winter, I just need to have a look at those photos and it reminds me that Summer is just around the corner…