Charlotte & tom: An emotional day at York Maze

I have a lot of venues that I consider to be favourites for different things.  Some are really relaxing.  Some make you feel like you are in an episode of Downton Abbey and some (Allerton Castle) make you think you are Harry Potter. Without a doubt though, York Maze is a favourite because of it’s relaxed and fun atmosphere. It’s in great surroundings.  If you go at the right time of year there’s a Maze. But most importantly, there’s a bouncy cushion.  There’s nothing better than Bride and Groom photos on a giant bouncy cushion.

Charlotte & Tom’s big day was an emotional one from start to finish.  From Tom’s card arriving in the morning while Charlotte was getting ready, to the ceremony and then the fantastic speeches. Loads of laughs, loads of tears. The Perfect wedding day.  There’s no better feeling than coming away from a wedding knowing that I’ve captured some of the moments that no one else saw, as they happened.