Kayley & Stevan at Hornington Manor

It’s been a while since I had chance to put anything on my blog.  To start with, 2019 was an incredibly busy year for weddings – off my feet I was!  Then, just to make things a bit busier, we went and opened our own portrait studio.  I started building a website just for the studio, it’s not finished yet by a long way, but you’re more than welcome to take a look here:  True North Portrait Studio.

So that’s what I’ve been up to.  That and Family stuff.

It seems like only a couple of months ago since I shot Kayley & Stevan’s wedding at Hornington Manor, but it wasn’t.  It was last May. There’s going to be a lot of wedding blog posts before I eventually get caught up!

I think the thing that I like most about shooting at Hornington, apart from the endless stream of coffee, is how it’s all in one place.  Everyone gets ready there. The bride, the groom and all the guests.  On a morning, I can just wander through the house and grab natural, relaxed documentary shots of people going about their morning. You get a load of lovely natural family stuff.

Also, there’s the choice of having an indoor or outdoor ceremony. It looked a bit touch and go on this particular occasion, but all photographers like a bit of overcast cloud for an outdoor ceremony.  It stops you getting too many harsh shadows.

Finally, the barn. A great choice if the weather isn’t up to an outdoor ceremony.  A great choice for the evening party too.