Siobhan & Scott in the Museum Gardens

I’ve photographed weddings at the Hospitium many times before.  One of things that I really like about it is that the people who run it make it look different every time.  On the outside, it looks the same –  a fantastic Roman building in the heart of York.  Inside, they have personalised it to match the bride & grooms requests. The other thing that makes it one of the best venues in York is the Museum Gardens.  The Museum Gardens are a beautiful park in the heart of York, right next to the river.  Thanks to the gardeners there, they look fantastic throughout the year.

Siobhan’s day started at the Principal Hotel, next door to the station. I also managed to catch up with Scott before the ceremony too.  He was just down the road in The Maltings.

The whole day ran the gamut of emotions.  We had laughter all morning. Lots and lots of laughing.  There were tears during the readings. So many in fact that I wondered if the reader was going to make it through 🙂  More tears during the speeches.  Finally, we were back to the laughing to wrap the day up  on the dance floor.

The emotional days are the best. This one was right up there – I loved it.

A Great review from Siobhan & Scott

“Hi Mark – Just wanted to drop you a line as we said we would let you know what our friends and family thought of the photos! Unsurprisingly they are absolutely delighted with them (as we are!). My step mum said how much she liked how you captured all the little moments that she didn’t necessarily notice and my Dad is really happy with the photos you got of him and me together. Our bridesmaids thought they were great (though Elle didn’t realise how expressive her face was!). Everyone is also so happy with all the photos of the kids – especially the flower girl and Paige boy – as you’ve really managed to capture some amazing ones of them! And Scott’s mum has even found some nice pictures of her (which I know was your aim!).

We are so so so pleased with them. You’ve really captured the day perfectly and loads of little moments that we didn’t get a chance to see on the day. They are absolutely beautiful, so thank you so so much. They will be treasured forever!

With very best wishes

Siobhan & Scott”