Nicole & Paul at Holdsworth House in Halifax

December seems a long time ago now that we are enjoying fairer weather and long, Summer evenings. That’s when I met up with Nicole & Paul to take some Pre-Wedding portraits of them in Saltaire in West Yorkshire. If you want to have a look at the results of that shoot, you can see them here: Saltaire Pre-Wedding Shoot.  It’s not that often that I get to photograph a multinational couple, but that’s exactly what Nicole & Paul are. Nicole is from Switzerland & Paul hails from the great county of Yorkshire, where they both now live. It was really interesting talking to them as we walked round Saltaire as I got to find out the differences between the two cultures, but more importantly, the similarities that bind them together as a great couple. I also confirmed something that I’d long suspected to be true, that our winters feel much colder than the Swiss ones…

So, rather quickly May came around and that brought us to their wedding day, on perhaps not the warmest day in May, at Holdsworth House near Halifax. Holdsworth House is a gorgeous venue. An atmospheric Jacobean manor house built in 1633, it’s a maze of corridors and stunning rooms, authentically decorated and standing in some of the best gardens that I’ve been lucky enough to shoot in. A perfect wedding venue and the perfect place for everyone to get ready. Nicole and the bridesmaids got ready downstairs and Paul and the Groomsmen upstairs.

Throughout the day it was obvious that this wasn’t just the coming together of a couple, or even of two families, but two nationalities. All of Nicole’s family had flown in for the wedding and the house was filled with excitement in both languages. I’m just glad that all of Nicole’s family spoke great English because my Swiss/German is at best very poor. A special mention should also go to Nicole’s father, who stood up in front of a room full of people and delivered a brilliant funny & touching speech in both languages.

As the day went on and the reception started the dancefloor filled, it was great to see the two families joining together, dancing, talking & drinking together. Enjoyment and celebration are an international language.