Sinead & Elliot’s Wedding

Sinead & Elliot got married last year.  Almost a full year ago as it happens, in July, so I’ll take this opportunity to wish them both a very happy Anniversary.  The morning started when I met Sinead and her bridesmaids at the Hair Associates hair dressers in Leeds.  It was bright and early in the morning but as I always like to say, where there’s a hair salon, there’s coffee.

Once they were all beautified, it was off to Sinead’s to get dressed up.  I always like to photograph brides getting ready at home.  You get a sense of who they are.  It gives a context to the photographs and I love how it adds a personal edge when you view all of the photographs together as a story.

Meanwhile, at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Crossgates, there was a nervous Elliot waiting, with his ushers.  I love St Theresa’s.  It’s a massive, wide open space with beautiful light.  To get some wider shots of the church is a bit of a challenge though.  It normally involves taking your life in your hands and wandering out into 4 lanes of traffic making its way in and out of Leeds.

After a beautiful, relaxed and humorous ceremony, I took Sinead & Elliot over to Temple Newsam for some portrait photographs around the lake.  Sinead needed to make a quick footwear change for the walk from the car park to the lake.  Every bride should consider having a pair of bright yellow wellies in their footwear arsenal for the day.  You never know when they’ll come in useful…be prepared!

Leeds Irish Centre Reception

Over the years, I’ve shot quite a few weddings at Leeds Irish Centre.  It’s on York road on the way into Leeds, so surrounding-wise, there’s not a lot of photo opportunities outside.  That’s why we stopped off at Temple Newsam.  What it lacks in outdoor photo opportunities, it more than makes up for in another aspect. Atmosphere. I’ve never shot a wedding at Leeds Irish Centre that wasn’t a massive party!  It never disappoints and this was no exception.